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How do i create and sell digital art?

Making art using a digital software and medium, is considered as digital art. Before even detail it more, let me tell you my story.

When i was a child, i grew up in a traditional art studio, where i use to paint and draw with my dad. At around 10, when all my friends were having video games, my dad wanted we have a computer instead, because it was more useful. At first i was not very happy about it, but i figured out the way to use it, until i found way to put games on my computer 😄.

But this does not stop here, i started developping a passion for computers along side my passion for traditional art. These 2 passions followed me through high school, til my early graphic design days using corel draw. Then i got to combine both my passion when i purchased my first graphic tablet. At this time i started using adobe photoshop inspired by an artist friend , to draw and paint directly on my computer.

At this time, any digital creation, illustrations, digital paintings, were made on a printing purpose, nothing was ever been sold digitally like today with the NFTs.

I learned to craft my skills, from self learning, mentors and art school. In paralel to my traditional art studies at school, i started making reseach to create with the same render i found traditionally on the computer. Because i got very passionate and could spend 6 to 8 hours on a digital painting, to even days.

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